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2nd  Summer Term 2018

The last term of Year 3 has arrived!!  This year seems to have flown by and very soon your child will be a well established junior in Year 4.  There will be a change over day in July where your child will meet their new teacher for the year - very exciting!!!

This half term is slightly different from others in that we are undertaking a mini-topic for the first two weeks - a geography/World Cup study.  We will be looking at why the 'world' competes in this sport and how it brings cultures together through one shared passion.  We will also be comparing England with another World Cup qualifier - Iceland.

To extend the learning further, we anticipate that the final learning log will also be something to do with the World Cup.

For the last 4 weeks or so, our topic is Ancient Greece.  In the past the children have loved learning all about Greek gods, fables, myths and fighting.  The question for this topic is 'What does the pot say?' This is because a lot of what we know about Ancient Greece has been pieced together (no pun intended!!) from old pottery.

English will be very much topic based this half term and so we will be writing our own fables and having a go at trying to write in the style of a myth.  For maths, we will continue with the curriculum as normal.

Thank you for your support with reading, homework and helping to get your child here, on time, every day.  Let's try to make the Summer 2 term the one where 3S get the most attendance awards.  

Happy Summer everyone