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Welcome to the Year 6M page!

Mr Melia


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Mrs McGrath

Teaching Asst

1st Summer Term 2021

English - Year 6 are sending a little hero on a big adventure in a piece of epic fantasy writing based on JRR Tolkien's children's classic The Hobbit. With plenty of opportunities for detailed description, rollicking action and crackling dialogue, this is one of the most ambitious pieces of writing we undertake in Year 6. A second piece of extended writing will teach the class how to write persuasive letters in a formal style (watch out, Mr Fenton!)

Spellings – Spellings are handed out on Friday afternoon and the class will be tested on that list the following Friday..

Maths – Although the SATs have been suspended for this particular year group, we will be using the papers from previous years. This is useful in numerous ways: it allows us to reintroduce all areas of the maths curriculum; teachers can use it to assess each pupil's ability; and it allows us to see in which areas of the curriculum the class as a whole needs further support. Subsequent lessons will be designed around those areas identified as requiring further investigation.

Topic – For our next topic, we will declare "Let There Be Light!" We will investigate how light travels, how the eye works, shadows, rainbows... There's a lot to fit in so we will have to work at the speed of light (299,792,458 metres per second.)

Homework – Homework is handed out every Friday and is due back by the following Monday. Normally, it will consist of Maths and English (activities taken from a variety of CGP books which the children are expected to take care of).

Reading – Children are expected to read every night. As this cannot currently include a school reading book, we hope you can provide reading material at home.

PE – Our PE day is Monday. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit which consists of: white t-shirt, black shorts/leggings/joggers and pumps/trainers.

Mrs Brine

Teaching Asst

Long Term Plan

Y6 Long term plans 2019.pdf

Mr Callaghan

Teaching Asst