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1st Summer Term 2018

Topic: 'Let There Be Light' - an investigation of light, shadows, reflection and refraction

Maths & English: SATs revision (SATs week is the week beginning 14th May

PE is on Monday

Homework (one piece of maths, one of English) is sent out on Friday and expected back in on Monday

Some useful information:

Children have a reading book, which they are expected to read every night, and an AR (Accelerated Reading) book which stays in school. AR books are accompanied by an online test and the children are expected to take one AR test per week.

Homework will be handed out on Fridays and will normally consist of one piece of maths and one piece of English, both of approximately 20 minutes duration. Please do help your child if you can and ensure the work is completed and returned on the following Monday. School has invested in a set of SAT revision books published by CGP for each child. The particular book your child will need each week will change and this will be organised by the classroom staff. These excellent revision aids are not cheap so please encourage your child to look after (and not lose!) any of the books that go home with them.

PE sessions this year are on a Monday. As ever, I urge you to leave the PE kit in school and take it home to be washed at the half-term holiday. The cumulative wear over the course of the half-term means the kit is only worn for the equivalent of one day. Kits that go home after every session often fail to make it back in for the next and we don't want children missing out on their exercise. Also, having the kit in school means your child will be able to participate in any extra sessions that may crop up. (Of course, if a PE session is held outside and the kit gets filthy it'll need a good washing...)

Please check this page to see what we are doing each week so you can help with homework and generally keep up to speed with your children's learning.


The Year 6 Team

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