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2nd Summer Term 2019

Can you believe it is the last term of the school year already?

It is hard to believe it is summer but hopefully the weather will improve in time for our summer holiday. We were sad to say Goodbye to Miss Taylor, but hope to welcome her back into school soon to visit with her new baby. To replace Miss Taylor, for the summer term, we are delighted to welcome Miss Wright.

This term we begin to learn about Greece. First we start with geographical work on location before moving to history work on the Ancient Greek civilisation.

In addition, some science work will be done to consolidate learning from earlier in the year.

In Maths we begin with some work on fractions, followed by work on parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical lines. This leads to further work on shape later in the term. There will also be the opportunity to revisit time.

Please help your child to learn times tables and learnits at home. We will continue to test times tables in mad minutes on Mondays as well as assessing learnits and other concepts weekly using Big Maths. If you need replacement sheets for times tables or learnits please ask Mrs Moorhouse or Miss Wright.

In English this term we begin by learning about Aesop’s fables. The children will have a go at writing their own fable as part of a big write at the end of the unit.

There will be a whole school writing project to follow. Watch out for details!

Children will also be introduced to some of the fabulous Greek myths and will have a go at retelling one of them.

Please hear your child read each night for about ten minutes. As the children are becoming better readers and reading longer books, we do not expect them to change their books every day. However, we do expect them to read a little every night. You can also help your child by reading to them each day.

Our PE lesson is Monday morning so please make sure your child has the correct kit in school.

Our swimming lessons will continue on a Tuesday morning until June.

If you have any questions, please do ask a member of staff. If you would like to see more of what is going on in class, you can see pictures posted on the school website via twitter or follow me on twitter @mrsmoorhouse_Y3