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Welcome to the Year 3H page!

2nd Autumn Term 2020

 Lots of exciting work to look forward to this half term...

Topic question:  What is darkness?

Its getting dark outside! Can you find out about where light comes from, how it travels and how we see?  What are shadows?-  We will carry out investigations to learn more about them.

HOMEWORK:   Make a leaflet about light sources and darkness.  Can you make a shadow puppet and put on a play?   What can you find out about reflected light?

English: Poetry

Reading & analysing poems, performance poetry, exploring onomatopoeia, free verse, rhyme, haikus and narrative verse!


Practise spellings each week ready for our Friday quiz.  Write each spelling in a sentence.  Can you write a question sentence?  A funny sentence?  Start with an ly adverb?  Write a sentence using powerful adjectives?

Can you write a poem?


Column addition & subtraction

multiplication & division

HOMEWORK:  2, 3, 4, 5, 10 times tables.  You need to be able to recall facts in under 3 seconds!  DAILY TT ROCKSTARS- who will be first on the leader board?


Reading books Monday & Thursday

PE kits- Monday

Snack money £1 every Monday or pay for the half term.

Y3 Maths.pdf




Year 3 Reading.pdf Writing - Year 3.pdf

Long Term Plan

3J long term plan.pdf