Hollin Primary School

Hollin Primary School     .     Waverley Road     .     Middleton     .     Manchester     .     M24 6JG
Tel: 0161 643 5148        Headteacher: Mr D Fenton

Hello! I’m Miss Iddon

I am the Children’s Welfare Officer and designated

Safeguarding Lead at Hollin Primary School. It is my

responsibility to prevent the impairment of children’s

health or development, to protect children from

maltreatment or abuse and to support all children to enable them

to have the best outcomes in life. In short, that means I am responsible for ensuring all our children are happy, healthy and safe at school and at home. I also provide additional support to our families and work closely with other agencies to do this.

If you have any concerns about your own, or another child, please come and speak to me. Or if you feel you would benefit as a family, from extra support, or require some advice about anything that affects your family, please ask!

KCSIE 2018.pdf Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Dec 2018.pdf