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Welcome to the Nursery page!

Mrs Atkinson


1st Autumn Term 2018

We are so pleased with how the children have started to settle into Nursery. ALL the children are able to independently choose what they would like to do each session and are involving themselves in a variety of experiences. We have also seen children starting to build friendships and share. Well done!


A few reminders…

Coming in

Every morning your child will need to find their name card and post it into the postbox. Recognising their name is an important skills so please make sure your child finds the name with your support. Additionally, please make sure your child is here at 8.50. We will soon start to do an early morning whole class carpet session. This is an important teaching and learning time so please help them to be on time.



Please make sure that your child has a coat with a hood (with their name in). They need these every day. Please also label all your children’s jumpers and shoes as we have many that look just the same!

Please encourage your child to hang up their coat themselves each morning. It is sometimes easier to do it for them, but they need to learn this skill. Many children can independently put their coats on. If your child is struggling please keep practising at home and giving them lots of praise for trying.


Early work

Please remember we would love you to stay for a while in the morning with your child. Come and play! At that time you can always talk to us about how well your child is doing, or if you have any concerns - or just have fun together! However we would now kindly ask that parents leave by 9.05.


Twitter and the school website

Each we week will post photos or videos on Twitter. Please follow me @MrsA_Nursery. If you do not have a twitter account, it is free and easy to create. We will not ‘follow’ you, it simply allows you to get notifications when we post. The Nursery class page will be updated each half term with new information.


Spare clothes

Please make sure your child has a named spare set of clothes which stay in school on their peg. This should be a full change of clothes including underwear and socks - it does not need to be uniform. Leave this bag in school. It can be placed inside a carrier bag.



We make lots of detailed observations of your child to enable us to ensure they are making progress. We have adopted an electronic system for recording these observations and use ipods to take photos and make notes about your child. We will send you these records at regular intervals during the year. We kindly ask that you pass on your email address to enable us to do this.


Home Time Routine

Please be patient at home time. For safety reasons we will only let a few children out at a time. Please stand well back so that the children can see their grown up easily. The cloakroom can become very crowded so please help your child to get their things and then make room for others. Thank you for your support and understanding with this matter.


Blue Bags

Your child will be given a lovely school book bag on Friday. Please bring Blue bags to school EVERY DAY. Please check and EMPTY them regularly.

Topics this Half Term

This half term we will be really working on getting to know your child. We will do lots of counting, singing and work around sharing and taking turns. We will also be doing lots of work around the themes of colours and toys. We will start phonics sessions which is focused on careful listening to sounds around us. We will be practising saying numbers in order to 10 and then counting real objects, saying how many we have got.


The Nursery Team

Mrs Josie Atkinson, Mrs Lisa Davies & Miss Nicole Poole

Class Gallery

Mrs Davies

Teaching Assistant

Miss Poole

Teaching Assistant