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Welcome to the Nursery page!

Mrs Atkinson


1st Summer Term 2021

Welcome back everyone. We have our fingers crossed that we will get through the full half term in Nursery this time! The children have already settled back in and our newer children have mixed in so well. It is lovely to see everyone making friends and playing together.

Our topic is Growth and Food.  We have already planted sunflower seeds and will be looking at how plants grow and provide food. We will also be helping the children notice how food is needed for us to grow. This is a great topic to support scientific concepts such as change. We will help the children make links between their own growth and change and that of plants.Some children have told us about their experiences of growing things with parents and grandparents – we would love to see any photos of this via Tapestry.

In Literacy we will be continuing work on Alliteration as we did not get very far with this due to lockdown and our period of self-isolation. Alliteration means listening to the sounds that you can hear at the start of words. This is not the ABC song which focuses on letter names. We are learning to listen to the sounds. We will be playing games and singing songs to help us understand this.

In Maths, we will be working on careful counting and recognising numbers. We encourage the children to move objects as they count them, saying numbers in order as they count. We then ask them to say how many they counted. Some children are showing signs that they are ready to work with numbers beyond 10 and we will be adding challenge for those children. We will also recap on 2D shapes and introduce 3D shapes.

Homework will be sent home via Tapestry each Friday and needs to be submitted by the following Tuesday. It is important to get into good routines with homework as this will continue for the rest of your child’s time at school.

Coats should be sent every day. A change of clothes also needs to be left on your child’s peg.

Thank you once again for all your cooperation with Covid related changes to our school day and routines. We look ahead with optimism!

Kind regards

The Nursery Team

Miss Poole

Teaching Assistant

Miss Chan

Teaching Assistant