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Mrs Atkinson


1st Spring Term 2019

Welcome back Nursery and a Happy New Year.

We will be doing lots of exciting work in Nursery this Half Term. Our topic is Superheroes and we will be reading lots if stories along this theme. One superhero we will meet is ‘Supertato’. The children will be making their own Super-vegetable and using vegetables in their learning activities and challenges.

The children will be starting work on the concept of one more and one less. Many of the children recognise lots of numbers but we will be continuing to develop this skill as well as accuracy in counting.

We will also be starting to look at alliteration and some letter sounds. This is when we learn the sound that a letter shape represents e.g ‘m’ says ‘mmmmm’. The ABC song is not very useful here as that song could confuse the children (the song is about letter names, not the letter sounds). We will be asking for items to bring into class to help us with this understanding.

The children are really developing friendships and are learning to share and take turns. They also are learning that may not always get what they want – this time. This is a very important concept to grasp and we encourage the children to say “never mind, maybe next time”.

Please continue to support your child by doing weekly homework and returning the books on Tuesdays.

Shortly we will be starting some gymnastics with Mr Vyse in the hall. This will mean children will need to take off shoes and socks/tights independently and put them back on. As you can imagine we can not do this for 48 feet on our own! Please encourage your child to practise this skill at home.

Many thanks for your continued support.

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